Dogo y Los Mercenarios

100% Sevillian Rock & Roll Band. Dogo y Canijo Clan like acoustic format.

Dogo y Los Mercenarios Contact: +34 644257027, eko@eko.cat.

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100% Sevillian Rock & Roll Band formed in 1984 by Juanjo Pizarro, Miguel Angel Suarez and Diego Fuentes. The sound of the group takes all possible sources of rock ‘n roll decades, getting channel energy and excitement like fast-paced tracks as velvet ballads. His discography is «Ansia» (Nuevos Medios, 1986), «Llueve en Sevilla» (Nuevos Medios, 1988) and «Mala Reputación» (Nuevos Medios, 1990). After the dissolution of the band in 1992, each of the components has continued with his musical career in different projects. Today, Dogo y Los Mercenarios consists of Juan Ramon Borreguero “Rama” (drums), Luis Almagro “Luiso” (bass), Carlos Cepeda “Charlie” (guitar), Juan Pizarro (guitar) and Diego Fuentes “Bulldog”(voice). Dogo y Canijo Clan like acoustic format.

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